Cute and Comfy Cushionknee
Kneeling Cushions / Bath Kneelers to save your knees!
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Welcome to Cute and Comfy Cushionknee!
Comfy Bath Kneelers/Kneeling Cushions

Cozy and Soft Kneeling Cushions to save your knees!

All cushions are custom sewn so I only make 1 - 2 per style.

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My Bath Kneelers above or click here:


Kneeling Cushions to save your Aching Knees...  Do your knees hurt when kneeling down bathing your child, exercising, cleaning tubs and floors, Well you came to the right place.  

I created Washable, Removable, Fabric Covered Kneelers for all purposes!

 Cute for the home and Comfy on your Knees!        


  Wonderful for parents or grandparents as a bath kneeler when bathing kids, exercise kneeling pad for push ups, buttocks, thighs & more. Sitting cushion for toddlers during snack time, ‘time outs’, & more.  Cleaning house – floors and tubs. Bathing your dog. Watching little league games at the park, and so much more.

(Both Cushion (EVA Foam) and Custom Sewn Fabric are Included)  Please choose your favorite fabric below.  

8" x 16" x 1.5" (light weight and perfect for anywhere in your home) 

 If you don't see anything you like, email me. I have exclusives as well. 

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